ESCALAZER is a new MOFLOW RECORDS artist. Electronic sound in different shades. The actual project "GALACTIC COMMAND" includes 7 tracks of finest SYNTHWAVE with a special story. Some Videos will be produced to complete this project. Find the first one & more using these LINKS:



SXS is a producer for MOFLOW MUSIC and a MOFLOW RECORDS artist. The actual project "SXS - SYNTHWAVE" will sounds like the name says & a little bit different. Find some PREVIEWS & first tracks from the EP using these LINKS:



MOFLOW is a band & producerteam that was founded in the year 2000. Over the years it became "moflow - music & media" and finally ended in "moflow music" as part of the moflow trademark.  We still produce music & media. In the upcoming years we will expand our channel MOFLOW.TV / MOFLOW RECORDS with fresh material. Find MUSIC & INFO by using these LINKS: 

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