moflow records 

MOFLOW RECORDS is a small musiclabel from cologne. Founded in 2014 (2013) we started to release a couple of MOFLOW MUSIC artists for free. Then we had to pause our releases - time by time - because of several reasons. Our actual artists ESCALAZER & SXS will finish their EP this year. Next year MOFLOW MUSIC will start up with PRODUCTIONMUSIC for Media & TV. Further artists are expected for 2021/2022. Please enjoy our content. Visit us on SOUNDCLOUD to hear most of the tracks we could save over the years. Next year we will also use SPOTIFY and others. Find more information on FACEBOOK & please follow us on all SOCIAL MEDIA accounts. Thanks.


moflow music

MOFLOW MUSIC was founded in 2000 in cologne as a musicproduction & the band "moflow". We startet to work with different singers & musicians and tried out many styles/ways of producing. Our first music-service was "mobilerecording".  After some years the studiowork got more important. We produced some musicvideos, but we lost the most material before youtube got big. Only EL CONVENT could be saved & uploaded. Later we made a remake in 2014-2017. Several projects could not be released yet. There is a lot to come. As next we will work on productionmusic, too. After finishing the first library, we will build our extra homepage "" for more detailed information about us and our works. 



The MOFLOW MUSIC producers want to expand their radius and way of producing music. Productionmusic for media & TV.