SXS - my ethic dream

The EP "MY ETHIC DREAM" is a compilation of tracks - mainly instrumental - that were composed between 2005 & 2017. Special tracks relating to filmmusic & alternative electro. Impressive & powerfull sounds combined with lowfy elements & disturbing melodies. The EP includes 7 tracks. Please klick on the PICTURE to listen to premasters of all tracks & more...

galactic command 

Escalazers first shot is a real synthwave experience with an extraordinary touch. Expect a little ironic story to think about. The EP will include 7 tracks. Find the first video of this project by a klick on the PICTURE. More videos are to come, to tell the whole story. Soon we will load up further tracks/videos (preversions) of the EP. Saleslinks are expected for this year! 


SXS - synthwave

The EP "SXS - SYNTHWAVE" is a synthwave / darkwave / electronic - project from 2020. 7 tracks of deep synthwave with cool atmospheres & emotional harmonys. Please klick on the PICTURE to listen to first tracks (youtube). Stay tuned for upcoming tracks & downloads. Saleslinks are expected for this year. Videos for 2021.